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Baby and Me

Clonakilty, West Cork

Baby and Me


A Support Service for Parents to be

About Me

'Baby and Me’ has been set up by me, Sarah Pettit-Mee: Mother, Nurse, Midwife, C.I.M.I (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) and facilitator for ‘parents to be’ ‘Baby and Me’ was born through my own personal and professional journey where I have discovered the benefits of ‘Positive Touch’ and how my own personal growth and transformation has impacted and enhanced my professional practice, values and beliefs.Then the realisation of how beneficial the outcomes of this approach would be, not just for oneself but for those around us and for loved ones yet to come. On a personal level I am a mother of six children, fortunate to have had six normal healthy births( three in hospital and three at home). I was introduced to Baby Massage in 2001 when I had my fourth child and the benefits soon became apparent and so continued with it for the last two children I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in 2010 and have gained Level 1 and Level 2. The subtleness and effectiveness of such a simple process hightlighted how through positive touch one can nurture oneself and one another. In October 2011 I was fortunate in bringing Shelley Lemaire Facilitator and Trainer of 'Journey to Life(' to West Cork and I completed a three day training and then in 2016 did Incoming Souls Practitioner Training which has impacted immensely on my personal life again that I am bringing these new gained skills forward as a facilitator with Baby and Me Through my professional life as a Nurse and even more so as a Midwife, I have been fortunate in working within the maternity environment both in hospital and community settings in the UK, Ireland and Germany and now as a qualified CIMI. I have also enhanced further by attending Babies in Waiting Training in Essex UK with Jo and Emily Bull Mother and daughter team based in Billericay, Essex who have developed their Pregnancy Hypnobirthing Courses and Pregnancy Relaxtion Courses 

 I am based near Clonakilty in West Cork. I feel that through such a life changing experience of becoming a parent be it the first time or more, these proven simple natural techniques such as Baby Massage and EFT and Prenatal Parenting education can facilitate you so that you can calmly journey together and at whatever stage you are at on this journey be it preconception, pregnancy, birth or beyond. Through having my own six children, each time I learned more, observed more and became more inspired to create a more personalised approach to parenthood and childbirth, as a result I became a Midwife - a different sort of Midwife!